Steel, aluminum, copper, iron, lead… We give a second life to the metals you no longer want

Metales Pérez is a family business that has been in the metal and scrap metal buying and selling sector for four decades. Among the ferrous waste we can count most of the metallic scrap metals. To manufacture steel, it is necessary to use iron, so it is crucial to recycle what has already been used in the past so that it can be used again. According to recent studies, the use of scrap can save up to 80% of the total price needed to produce a ton of steel.

At Metales Pérez we buy all types of scrap and metals, such as brass, aluminum, copper, lead and steel. As authorized managers with a long track record in the metal buying and selling sector in Mallorca, we have vehicles, machinery and containers to facilitate the storage of this type of waste and its subsequent processing and recovery.

Buying and selling of metals in Mallorca

We offer a professional metal buying and selling service in Mallorca. Aimed at both private customer or companies in any sector. We are in the Polígono Son Castelló, where we will be delighted to welcome you. We buy scrap metal and recycle it for later sale.

Iron, copper, aluminum, steel, copper wire and tubes, lead… We classify metals and give a second useful life to all kinds of materials. As our motto says, “Recycling we all win”. That is why we recover scrap metal and offer a very competitive purchase price. Therefore, in Metales Pérez we will advise you about our purchase prices according to the current price of each material. Contact us for more information about our services or about metal recycling in general.

We are your metal and scrap metal buying and selling service in Mallorca. Come to our facilities. For more information, please visit our CONTACT page or call us on +34 971 43 49 88


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