Don’t waste time and effort getting rid of your vehicle

We work for your peace of mind. That is why at Autodesguace Pérez we offer you a comprehensive service in which we take care of the whole process of deregistering your vehicle. We process the definitive deregistration and manage the decontamination of the vehicle. We are in direct communication with the Traffic Department (Dirección General de Tráfico, DGT) and, if you need it, we have a towing service to remove and transfer the vehicle to our center.

What documentation do we need?
It is as simple as providing us with the original documentation of the vehicle, i.e. the vehicle registration certificate and the MOT card. We will give you a certificate of destruction and the justification of the definitive deregistration of the vehicle, which it is important that you keep as this is what you will need to prove to any administration that the vehicle has been deregistered with the Traffic Department.

In the case owner of the car is deceased, it is necessary to present a declaration of the definitive deregistration of the vehicle due to death.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the Traffic Department (DGT) reminds us that if there is a seal on the vehicle, it is not possible to process the deregistration. It is therefore necessary to cancel it prior to applying for the deregistration.

Who can carry out the procedure?
It can be done by the owner of the vehicle or someone authorized. But we will need you to identify yourself.

  • Physical persons, by means of the official document that proves identity and address, whether it is the DNI, driving license, residence card, passport or NIE.
  • Legal persons, by means of the tax identification card and proof of representation and identity of the person signing.
  • Minors or incapacitated persons, with the details and signature of the father, mother or guardian, ID card and document accrediting the concept.

In the case of a car without papers, whether due to loss, theft or any other reason for which the documentation is missing, it is necessary to fill in a declaration of responsibility indicating the details of the vehicle and the details of the vehicle, and the reason for not presenting the documentation must be specified.

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