Exhibition’s items you would never expect to find

Recycling we all win. That’s why in our exhibition of second-hand items in Mallorca you will find unique pieces. Feel like you are in a flea market and browse through our large space in search of items of all kinds. We have furniture, metals, antique machines, vintage pieces… come and meet us!

We give a second life to an infinite number of second-hand items in Mallorca. All of them come from homes, estates, hotels, warehouses, and different companies. At Metales Pérez we take care of collecting them to offer them to all the customers who visit us at the Polígono Son Castelló, industrial estate, in Palma.

A second-hand market full of second-hand items in Palma
At Metales Pérez we recycle all kinds of scrap and metals. But we also have items whose best form of recycling is their reuse. Old bicycles, vintage vending machines, wheels, drums… We have an exhibition of second-hand items in Mallorca that we are sure will surprise you.

Whether it’s that specific piece you needed or simply because our flea market inspires you to decorate with antique items, stroll through our facilities in search of your hidden treasure. Every day we are visited by hundreds of people who find the most unexpected second-hand piece… but perfect!

Find your bargain at our second-hand market in Palma. Contribute with us to the recycling of materials, vital for the environment on an island like Mallorca. Join the reuse bandwagon and, above all, find what you are looking for at Metales Pérez. More than 40 years in the sector guarantee our experience and professionalism.
We are open from Monday to Saturday. More information on +34 971 43 49 88 or on our CONTACT page.


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