No worries about the process of deregistering your vehicle and trust in your scrapyard in Mallorca: Autodesguaces Pérez.

Autodesguaces Pérez is the reference scrapyard in Mallorca. We remove your car or van quickly, and easily. We process the definitive deregistration of the vehicle and manage its decontamination.

The largest scrapyard in Mallorca
We are leaders in scrapyards in Mallorca with 50,000 square meters of store, more than 20,000 spare parts in stock and nearly 500 vehicles in stock. This makes us the reference scrapyard in Mallorca and the ideal place to find the best spare parts at the most competitive price.

In our scrapyard in Mallorca, located in Bunyola, you will receive personalized attention. We will take care of the deregistration of your vehicle free of charge. A fast and safe process, as we are authorized managers and we adapt to the current regulations on environmental care.

More than forty years of experience guarantee our services. This makes us the leading company in the scrapping sector in Mallorca. That is why we offer you a comprehensive service in which we take care of the whole process of scrapping the vehicle. In addition to direct communication with the Traffic Department (Dirección General de Tráfico, DGT). And, if you need it, we have a towing service to remove and transfer the vehicle to our center.


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