We take care of clearing out the furniture that has become a nuisance for you.

Metales Pérez offers a house clearance service in Mallorca. Metales Pérez offers a house clearance service in Mallorca. We remove furniture from houses, flats, fincas, premises, hotels, warehouses… We have a wide experience in the sector, so we offer you a professional and fast job. Some of our clients call us for the emptying of flats in Mallorca after a death, eviction, preparing the space for renting, removals, end of building work, tenants with Diogenes syndrome, etc.

We collect the furniture and belongings so that you don’t have to worry about this task. We classify and carry out a correct and efficient waste management. We have our own vehicles and highly qualified professionals, so all you need to do is call us and we will advise you to guarantee the correct emptying of your house, premises or property.

Furniture collection in Mallorca
With the removal and collection of furniture in Mallorca, we analyze each case. Depending on the materials and furniture to be removed, the service may be free of charge. We can even offer you some money, depending on the value of the items we remove. Always with the maxim of caring for the environment and, when possible, giving a second life to the materials.

Your flat, company or premises will be clean and in perfect condition. We take care of the collection of furniture throughout Mallorca and the effective emptying of the house. If you are looking for a professional flat removal service in Mallorca, contact us. More than forty years in the recycling and metal sector guarantee our management.


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