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Second hand car parts in Mallorca at unbeatable prices

Pérez has become an indisputable reference for car owners in Mallorca.

At Reciclajes y Metales Pérez, a leading company in the sector, we offer a wide variety of second hand car parts in Mallorca with an unbeatable quality. With years of experience in the industry and a highly qualified team, we have earned a reputation of trust among drivers in Mallorca that we can only be grateful for.

Wide variety of used car parts

The variety of car parts available in Mallorca at Reciclajes y Metales Perez is truly astounding. From engines to exhaust systems, transmissions, suspensions, brakes and more, we have everything to meet the needs of almost any vehicle. Whether you’re looking for parts for an everyday car or for your restoration project, our extensive inventory gives you countless options to find exactly what you need.

In addition to the impressive variety, the quality of the parts is one of the main concerns of our customers. At Perez Recycling and Metals, every used car part undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure that it meets the highest standards. This way, you can rest assured that you are acquiring parts in perfect condition to extend the life of your vehicle.

Cheap car parts

One of the most attractive aspects of Reciclajes y Metales Perez is our unbeatable pricing policy. We understand that budget can be a limiting factor for many drivers and therefore we strive to offer highly competitive prices on all used car parts in Mallorca. This allows customers to save significantly compared to purchasing new parts, without compromising on the quality and performance of the vehicle.

Reciclajes y Metales Perez’s commitment to the environment is also remarkable. By offering used car parts, we are actively promoting the reuse and recycling of automotive components, thus reducing the environmental impact.

If you are looking for used car parts in Mallorca, look no further. Reciclajes y Metales Perez is your best option. With its wide variety of high quality parts and unbeatable prices, we have become the go-to place for budget-conscious car owners.

Visit our facilities at Carrer Gremi de Sabaters, number 60. Postal code 07009, Palma. You can also call us at our service phone number +34 971 43 10 78. Your car and your pocket will thank you!