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Congratulations, Mallorca Palma Futsal!

Reciclajes and Metales Pérez join the congratulations to Mallorca Palma Futsal that this weekend has made history by lifting the Champions League trophy

Reciclajes and Metales Pérez always with sport. That is our philosophy. So we could not fail to join the congratulations that come from all over the world to this great Balearic team that is Mallorca Palma Futsal.

These titans have given us the best moments of sporting happiness this weekend with their victory over Sporting Portugal in the Champions League final. Congratulations, champions!

The Balearic team has made history and won their first title by beating Sporting Portugal in the penalty shootout of the Champions League final.

They gave us a memorable final that was held in a sold-out Velodrome Illes Balears. Excitement until the last moment that ended with the victory of the locals with the result of 1-1 and 5-3 in the penalty shootout.

Thanks to Mallorca Palma Futsal this weekend we have been able to relive our love and excitement for the sport and its values. What moments we lived with ‘La Perez’!

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