Familia Pérez

Reciclajes y Metales Pérez recovering schedules

In Reciclajes y Metales Pérez we start this September with many surprises and renewed energy. At the moment, we anticipate you our schedules for the autumn-winter season.

With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, Reciclajes y Metales Pérez are leaders in scrapyards in Mallorca. Come and see us and we will surprise you with 50.000 square meters of facilities, more than 20.000 spare parts in inventory and about 500 vehicles in stock. We also offer you the largest exhibition of car spare parts in Mallorca. Visit our second hand parts store for all types of vehicles. Engines, mirrors, batteries, accessories…

Reciclajes y Metales Pérez also offers you a house clearance service in Mallorca. We remove furniture from houses, apartments, fincas, premises, hotels, warehouses…

In addition, we buy all kinds of scrap and metals, such as brass, aluminum, copper, lead and steel. And if you need it, we process the definitive deregistration and manage the decontamination of your vehicle.

If you need it, we are the biggest open-air flea market of second-hand articles in the Balearic Islands.

And always with our motto by flag: ‘With Perez, no discomfort at all’.

Remember that we are back to our usual opening hours:

  • Metals and scrap metal: Monday to Friday from 8h to 18h. Saturdays, from 8h to 13h.
  • Spare parts shop in Palma: Monday to Friday from 8h to 18h, and Saturdays from 8h to 13h.
  • Ses Veles vehicle scrapyard: from Monday to Friday, from 9h to 17h, and Saturdays from 8h to 13h.
  • Vehicle scrapping: From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 h.

You will find us at Polígono Son Castelló, at carrer Gremi de Sabaters, 62 as well as at Autodesguace de Ses Veles, at Polígono de Son Reus, at carrer Fonoll, 56 in Bunyola.

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