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We process the deregistration of your car in Mallorca

Reciclajes y Metales Pérez we are specialists in Mallorca in the process of deregistration of your car. Contact us directly on 673 41 77 74 or via WhatsApp and we will do all the paperwork for you.

You do not need to go through our switchboard to speed up the process of deregistration of your car. You can do it directly if you contact us on this phone 673 41 77 77 74 where we will also assist you via WhatsApp.

You know that ‘With Perez, no discomfort at all’. Everything is easy because we want to make it simple. With Reciclajes y Metales Pérez you will have the best service when it comes to deregister your vehicle; we take care of all the paperwork and cumbersome procedures involved in deregistering your car.

From the management of all the documentation for its definitive deregistration to its decontamination and, in addition, we are in direct communication with the Dirección General de Tráfico in the whole process. If you need to move your vehicle to our facilities in the Polígono de Son Reus we also offer a towing service.

As a leading company in the sector that we are, our commitment to the environment is firm, which has made us a benchmark in sustainability in the Balearic Islands. A responsibility that we are proud to assume and in which we continue to strive to the maximum, in order to protect the planet and keep our environment cared for. Thus we have all the resources, both human, legal and material, to carry out a correct management of resources. As you know, ‘Recycling we all win’.

Do not forget to contact through our direct number and you can enjoy all our services.