We transform your scrap car into valuable resources: the circular economy at Reciclajes y Metales Pérez

When a car reaches the end of its useful life, new possibilities open up through sustainability and the circular economy. We transform your scrap car. At Autodesguace Pérez, we believe in giving vehicles a second life, turning the old into the valuable, always respecting our natural environment.

Our professionals receive discarded vehicles and meticulously dismantle each component. We identify parts that can be recycled and reused and properly manage those that need to be disposed of. This approach not only maximises the use of each part but also minimises environmental impact.

Parts such as car batteries, which are highly polluting, are handled with special care. Their proper management is essential for the protection of our ecosystem and public health.

Thanks to this dismantling process, we offer our customers second-hand parts in perfect condition at affordable prices. Even if a car is old, damaged, or has multiple faults, there are always components that can be recycled and reused.

At Autodesguace Pérez, we collaborate with the Directorate-General for Traffic, efficiently and professionally managing vehicle deregistration, thus promoting an effective circular economy.

For more information on how to recycle your scrap car at our centre, do not hesitate to contact us. With over forty years of experience, Autodesguace Pérez offers you a professional, efficient service committed to sustainability and the circular economy.